The Fairytale Lives: Unpublished Feature on Taras Polataiko’s “Sleeping Beauty”

With the gay marriage debates once again heating up in the United States and, of course, on Facebook, and actor Tilda Swinton’s sleeping in a glass box at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, now felt like the perfect time to revisit Canadian-Ukrainian artist Taras Polataiko’s Sleeping Beauty performance artwork, which went viral in the fall […]

Art News: Ukrainian Catholic Church Declares Taras Polataiko’s Sleeping Beauty Project “Lesbian Propaganda” / Hyperallergic

CHICAGO — Fairytales are make-believe until a country’s Catholic Church decides to protest them. Ukranian-Canadian artist Taras Polataiko’s experimental performance work “Sleeping Beauty,” a modern-day retelling of the titular fairytale restaged at the National Museum of Art Ukraine from August 22 to September 9, has been decreed “lesbian propaganda” by the Ukrainian Catholic Church. The […]

Art News: “Did Lady Gaga Rip Off Artist Taras Polataiko?” / Hyperallergic

By Alicia Eler Lady Gaga hosted the last big party of fashion week on September 14 by creating “Sleeping With Gaga,” a performance that has uncomfortable similarities with Canadian-Ukranian artist Taras Polataiko’s recent Sleeping Beauty. After drawing a lot of international press and attention, his modern-day fairytale closed at the National Art Museum of Ukraine […]

Art News: “A Lesbian Kiss Awakens Sleeping Beauty” / Hyperallergic

In Canadian-Ukranian artist Taras Polataiko’s exhibition Sleeping Beauty at the National Art Museum of Ukraine in Kiev, which continues until September 9, the artist positions himself as a postmodern fairytale mythmaker, a Brothers Grimm of the internet Age. The exhibition itself is simple, based on Charles Perrault’s 1697 fairytale of the same name — but the real-life […]