A Leimert Park Performance Artist Weaves Together Social Media and South L.A. History / LA Weekly

Jasmine Nyende was 12 years old when she started fiddling with her family’s video camera. These early experiments inadvertently chronicle her childhood in Leimert Park, a neighborhood that’s seen a lot of change in the past decade or so. Now 23, the performance artist is weaving the footage together with poetry about her past as […]

OtherPeoplesPixels Artists & Social Media Series: Ellen Greene As the Gloved Magician

OPP: We’re excited to bring you something new today to inform and inspire how you use social media as an artist. Arts writer and critic, Alicia Eler, is the author of this series in conversation with artists who use social media to their advantage. We all know we’re “supposed” to be promoting ourselves as creative […]

Review: Artists Ask What It Means to Like, Share, Follow / Hyperallergic

CHICAGO — In an ideal social media universe, Facebook users would feel comfortable enough to openly tell all of their friends whether or not they’re organ donors, what they’re up to this weekend, and if they are in a relationship, single, or looking. There would be no Facebook stalkers or strange friend requests. Everything really would […]

ReadWriteWeb Tech Culture Reporter

ReadWriteWeb is one of the Internet’s leading tech news sites. From October 2011–July 2012, I served as a reporter for ReadWriteWeb. I covered the intersection of social networks, culture and communication. My most recent coverage includes Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram, the future of photo-sharing apps on the Web, the implications of posting photos of kids to […]

MA Interactive Social Media Posts

The good guys over at digital strategy firm MA Interactive hired me to blog about social media and other web tech news for their company blog. Here are the posts I wrote for them. Social Media For Super Busy People You’re a busy person. I’m a busy person. We’re all pretty busy. So how on […]

Chicago Artists and Social Media at Hyde Park Art Center

Hey friends! At the Hyde Park Art Center on October 19 at 6pm, Chicago Gallery News’ Ginny Berg and I are co-moderating a panel called Chicago Artists and Social Media: How are artists in Chicago using social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Gowalla, to connect with the local art community, including fellow […]

Sizing up Chicago LGBT publications' Twitter Feeds

How do Chicago LGBT publications compare on Twitter?