Closing the Loop: Fan Art, Part 2 / Hyperallergic

Editor’s note: This is the second installment of a two-part series on the intersection of fan art and contemporary art. Read part 1 here. CHICAGO — Falling in love with an image isn’t easy. Images are unattainable, removed, and physically distant, yet they feel so real and right there with you. Images of people are also the teen […]

New Bonds and Studio Space Lead to Creative Leaps: Stacia Yeapanis on Chicago’s BOLT Residency / Art21

When Stacia Yeapanis finished graduate school at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2006, she did what many MFA grads do: moved her studio into her home. But soon thereafter Yeapanis found herself overwhelmed by an inability to separate her art practice from other areas of her life. Instead of fretting about […]

How Residencies Change an Artist’s Practice / Art21

In a perfect world, every artist would have an opportunity to take time off and wander into that space outside of reality where creativity blossoms. Few artists make a living off of their work alone, and even so it’s difficult to constantly feel inspired and motivated to make work in your hometown and studio. This […]

Critic’s Pick: “Ladylike: A Proper Take on Feminist Art” at Koscielak Gallery /

“Ladylike: A Proper Take on Feminist Art” KOSCIELAK GALLERY 1646 N. Bosworth Ave. June 13–July 31, 2008 Jessica Hannah, Showroom No. 6 (Robot Lady Talking on Phone), 2008. Performance view. One wouldn’t expect an exhibition titled “Ladylike” to present a view of feminism that narrowly focuses on female-identified women artists and thus excludes feminist-inclined men and […]