Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Is Cindy Sherman the Broadest of Them All? / CRAVE

There’s not a young artist or writer today who hasn’t at some point in their career either stumbled upon, been faced with, or become enamored by the inimitable Cindy Sherman. She is the ultimate (though very white and female) art world success story. She is Peggy from Mad Men, busting out copy that’s better than all […]

Mutating the Broad with Mutant Salon / CRAVE

Mutant Salon is an electrifying performance collective fashioned for the purpose of celebrating self-care. On Saturday, June 25th from 8:30–11:30pm, Mutant Salon played, performed and roamed in Oculus Hall, one of the many cavernous spaces in the Broad, and on the street outside the Broad. Mutant Salon is a project founded in 2012 by artist […]