A Space Where Identity Politics Give Way to Queer Minimalism / Hyperallergic

What happened to the glitter, the queer ideals, the mirror that looks back at the viewer? In Aay Preston-Myint’s artwork, politically charged objects are emptied of their significance. In his solo exhibition (At Night, I Think of You), now on view at Threewalls gallery, sculpture, sound and photographic pieces become abstracted, minimalist works, harkening back to older forms. The artist creates […]

The Best of Chicago’s MDW Art Fair: Cat Taxidermy, Tarot, and Interactive Icebergs / Hyperallergic

CHICAGO — MDW is not an art fair focused on sales and bringing in big-name collectors. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Co-founded and co-directed by threewalls, Roots & Culture, Document, and Public Media Institute, and run entirely collaboratively, MDW offers artists, curators, writers, and anyone involved or interested in the alternative artist-run space scene an opportunity […]