A Widow is a Work of Art: Peregrine Honig’s “The Widow Having a Conversation with Herself” on BRAVO’s Work of Art, Episode 2

Last week on BRAVO’s art reality television show, Work of Art, Peregrine Honig eased into the third round with nary a glance from art critic Jerry Saltz and nods from her fellow contestants. BRAVO isn’t getting much play from Peregrine. She doesn’t shit-talk the other contestants. She shows up to the studio with a smile, […]

Time Out Chicago Art Criticism

Here is a selection of art criticism that I wrote for Time Out Chicago. For additional clips, please contact me directly. FEATURE: Starving artists (Issue 165) PORTRAIT: Peregrine Honig (Issue 119) REVIEW: “Henbane: Dialectics of the Feminine Sublime” (published April 9, 2008) REVIEW: Tony Fitzpatrick at the Chicago Cultural Center (Issue 170) REVIEW: Rosemarie Trockel […]

Time Out Chicago Articles

As a freelance arts and culture reporter, I’ve written hundreds of stories for local Chicago outlets. As a regular for Time Out Chicago, I covered everything from art and design to sports, theater and kids. Below you’ll see a selection of the stories I published in Time Out Chicago from 2007–2009. To see a complete […]

Artist Portrait: Peregrine Honig’s “Pretty Babies” at gescheidle gallery

While standing in line at the grocery store, we can’t help flipping through the glossy, photo-filled pages of People and Cosmopolitan and gushing over the personal lives of America’s rich, famous and rail-thin supermodels and celebrities. But what if one of those gorgeous gals had Down syndrome or autism? Shocking, weird and totally unlikely? Well, […]