Funny Feelings / Real Life Magazine

“The stage presents things that are make-believe; presumably life presents things that are real and sometimes not well rehearsed.” — Erving Goffman,The Performance of Self in Everyday Life In putting us behind screens, social media can seem as though they put us in control of our emotions. We seem to decide what we show to […]

Josh Gondelman on Twitter pep talks and honest comedy / DailyDot Entertainment

Some comedians don’t take shit from anyone. Josh Gondelman is truly an exception. In fact, he’ll hold your shit if you hand it to him and ask nicely. Gondelman recently hosted a release party in Los Angeles for his new album,Physical Whisper, the title of which comes from a joke about kissing his girlfriend. He’s […]

The 9 best memes for sliding into DMs on Valentine’s Day / DailyDot LOL

There’s no better way to say “I like you, wanna go out?” then to slide into your cutie’s DMs and make it explicitly known. And here at the Daily Dot, our Twitter moves are tight—how do you think we got so many followers? If you’re looking for a way to make your sweetie laugh in private—because […]

Tinderization of Feeling / The New Inquiry

LIVING with a sense of overwhelming choice means exerting an insane amount of emotional energy in making the most banal decisions. What should you watch on Hulu tonight? Make a Facebook status asking for recommendations. Tweet the question to your followers. After perusing for an hour, settle comfortably into Seinfeld, which you’ve seen a million […]

Net Art Quotable on @netartquotes

I am net art quotable. Thank goodness! 🙂 Find it here: Tweet

Review: Artists Ask What It Means to Like, Share, Follow / Hyperallergic

CHICAGO — In an ideal social media universe, Facebook users would feel comfortable enough to openly tell all of their friends whether or not they’re organ donors, what they’re up to this weekend, and if they are in a relationship, single, or looking. There would be no Facebook stalkers or strange friend requests. Everything really would […]

MA Interactive Social Media Posts

The good guys over at digital strategy firm MA Interactive hired me to blog about social media and other web tech news for their company blog. Here are the posts I wrote for them. Social Media For Super Busy People You’re a busy person. I’m a busy person. We’re all pretty busy. So how on […]

Chicago Artists and Social Media at Hyde Park Art Center

Hey friends! At the Hyde Park Art Center on October 19 at 6pm, Chicago Gallery News’ Ginny Berg and I are co-moderating a panel called Chicago Artists and Social Media: How are artists in Chicago using social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Gowalla, to connect with the local art community, including fellow […]

Alicia Eler named top Twitterer by RedEye Chicago and Huffington Post

@RedEyeNow added me to their list, redhot, and @HuffingtonPost put me on their list of Chicago People, which includes local celebrities, journalists and Twitterati.

Social Media Strategies in Chicago’s Art Community [VIDEO]

If you missed the Art Chicago 2010 panel Social Media Strategies in Chicago’s Art Community, or are just wondering what the heck happened because you were too busy tweeting while watching the sexy Twitter stream, these videos will help. Me, Alicia Eler, and Ginny Berg of the Chicago Gallery News moderated this panel.